Fun helps children to learn

Did you know fun helps children to learn

Having fun helps children to learn. The human brain uses the body to recognize the world around us. Using our bodies helps us to understand the laws of nature.

So, when children play and have fun, it is serious business; they are actually hard at work, learning.

Fortunately, children love to play and use their bodies naturally. It almost makes you wonder how wise we adults are, when we are always asking kids to settle down, and whether they "have to run around like that". Well, in fact, they do.

Play goes right to the brain. All the available research indicates that there are clear links between the ability to play, to move and to learn. So playing and moving improve understanding of language and mathematics, concrete and abstract thinking, and rational and social intelligence.

To support and encourage children in their play activities, it is important that we give them access to a wide range of toys that inspire many different types of play.