Turtle Kiddy Bus & Stroller

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Turtle Kiddy Bus & Stroller

For daycare facilities, crèches. Suitable for ages 6 months up to 3 years (max. 15 kg)

A great trip for the children – and their adult! The Turtle Kiddy Bus makes children want to go for lots of outdoor rides. It makes outdoor activities easier and and safer for both children and adults. The Kiddy Bus is not only robust, it also features a well-thought-of design that focuses on safety, durability and ergonomics. It is combined with a number of practical details and - of course - room to do what children do. The Kiddy Bus is available in different models, with room for both four and six children aged 6 months up to 3 years (max. 15 kg). This makes the Turtle Kiddy Bus a great advantage in day care facilities and crèches.

It is also useful in fun parks, theme parks and zoological gardens.

The Turtle Kiddy Bus is intended for use on pavements, walkways and roads.

Easy to push, easy to steer, easy to love Children and their gear can be quite heavy, so we have focused on the ergonomics of moving the Kiddy Bus around. The Kiddy Bus is made of plastic and aluminium, which keeps it extremely light, and makes it easy to push. The front wheel turns, which makes it easy to maneuver the Kiddy Bus and change direction. There is no need to lift the Kiddy Bus to turn corners.

The children sit in pairs opposite each other, making it easy to talk with their friends. They get in and out through a side door, just like in a real bus. It’s fun for children, and it saves adults the strain of repeated heavy lifting. The Kiddy Bus has straps on the sides, so children can hold on when walking alongside.

  1. Room for four or six children (depending on model) aged 6 months up to 3 years (max. 15 kg)
  2. Delivered fully assembled
  3. Fits through doorways
  4. Room for storage
  5. Made of hard-wearing, UV-resistant polyethylene and hardened aluminium
  6. Puncture-proof rubber tyres. Front wheels pivot 360˚
  7. Wheels with industrial ball bearings
  8. Drum brakes on the rear wheels.
  9. Automatic brakes for parking
  10. Easy to fasten safety belts
  11. Seat belts and cushions can be taken off and handwashed at max. 30˚C/86˚F
Turtle Kiddy Bus & Stroller

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