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We believe in ‘Learning by Moving’. Active children enhance their motor development, strengthen cognitive and social skills, and build confidence in themselves through play and movement. This combination of play and movement motivates children to learn. Would you like to join our movement? Please turn the pages.

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Winther Insights →
Biking stimulates your child’s brain widely. Does it sound too good to be true? We let the physiotherapist give her assessment of how children can benefit from biking.
What is coming up?
Winther Novelties →
Who wouldn't like to be physically active while they are relaxing on their? At least this is now possible for your child in the form of the Winther Sofa Surfer.
What is coming up?
Gonge Novelties →
Would you like to encourage sensory training and challenge your child's balance at the same time? Then Build N' Balance® Tactile elements may be the answer.
The play goes on...
Gonge Play Compendium →
The Gonge toys open up for a whole world of play possibilities. All these activities are gathered in a Gonge Play Compendium. Now available in ENGLISH and CHINESE Version. Open the link and get inspired!


Biking is a part of life in many cultures and becoming more in others. It is a skill that gives you lifelong opportunities and builds a foundation for a healthy life of movement. Biking stimulates the brain widely: Vision, vestibular system (balance), proprioception (joints and muscle), cerebellum and all the other senses. Cerebellum, refers to hand/eye and foot/eye coordination, which are skills in high demand, when navigating by physical and visual input.



The Gonge Compendium provides inspiration for planning motor skill and sensory integration activities. All children can be inspired to challenge themselves in new ways. You will also find precise guidelines on the assessment criteria, and what is required to master the activities.The exercises are also backed up by  interview with a child physiotherapist  sharing knowledge on how physical activies stimulate sensory development, and prepare children for learning in school.
We believe playful physical activity is the best way to stimulate children's motor skills and sensory integration.