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Viking Explorer

Specialized wheeled toys for after-school clubs and playground. Suitable for ages 5-12

This range is for the older kindergarten children, as well as for school children, for playgrounds in summer amusement parks, and for hotels to offer to guest children and for use at campsites. These products are specially developed to stimulate the motor skills and the interests of slightly older children.

  • Complies with all current safety standards
  • 5-year warranty on frame and fork
  • Full spare parts service
  1. Cool slalom driving characteristics which makes it exciting to ride.
  2. Requires only very little space to make a turn and may even be able to make sharp curves without tipping over.
  3. With its broad and rough tires it may appeal to especially boys who like challenges.
  4. Unique steering capabilities that have been patented.
Viking Explorer

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