Surfer Boat

Surfer Boat

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Surfer Boat

Model 665.00 | Age 4-7

Go exploring with the Winther Surfer Boat. 
Funny push- and handcart shaped as a boat and with room for one passenger, while other children act as a motor by pushing in the back or by pulling in the front.

The steering handle and its unique steering system, makes it fast to operate and as the boat has a small turning circle, it can easily be moved in narrow curves on the playground. It can be steered both by the passenger or by the child who pulls it. Children will find endless uses for it like racing, visiting your best friend on the playground, transport of sand, the child's most favoured toys and many other creative activities, engaging many children on the playground.
The handle can be folded on top of the wagon when stored to save space.

Surfer Boat


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